Sergei Kulp is the co-founder and CFO. He has 15+ years of Business Development experience. He received a “Gasell” (fast growing compa- ny) diploma in 2016. He has successfully launched and sold four businesses. His strengths are: sales, process organising, strategy, and finance. Aleksei Labotkin is the CTO. He has 10+ years in full stack software development. He is a participant of Estonian Startup incubator, has experience with Tensor- Flow, image recognition and other Big Data proj- ects. He is the team lead of our IT department. Jelena Mamontova is our People Partner. She has 7+ years in HR management in an in- ternational environment. Anna Kulp is the co-founder and CEO. She has 15+ years of experience in the educational field. She is also the founder of the MOST BUSINESS SCHOOL, which has government contracts and is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Estonian Association of Small and Mid-size enter- prises. Anna is a very self-motivated leader and is a life-long Learning evangelist. Team MOST TECHNOLOGY